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As it appears that the golden Twitter era is coming to an end, I feel I need some sort of back up to avoid losing my hard-earned friendships with the amazing genetic scientists and enthusiasts from across the world. While I haven’t decided yet if I should migrate to other social media and start all over again, I figured it’s time I started a Substack newsletter. This is something I’ve been considering for a long time. With the growing chaos in my beloved Twitter genomics community and many of my friends pushing me to do it, here I am standing in front of you with a promise that I’ll deliver fascinating stories—told in just the way you’ve always loved—of the latest human genetics findings in your emails from time to time. It won’t be a periodic newsletter. That’s too much of a responsibility I can manage. However, I promise I’ll write to you at least once in a while about some of the papers that fascinated me the most. If you’re learning about me for the first time, visit https://typefully.com/doctorveera, an online archive of the Twitter threads that I’ve written over the past years, to get an idea of what sort of studies I highlight to the community. If those posts excite you, then consider subscribing to this newsletter. I promise that you won’t be disappointed.

About me

My name is Veera Rajagopal. I am a physician-scientist specialized in psychiatric and behavioral genetics. I currently work for a pharmaceutical company in New York where I am trying to discover new drug targets for psychiatric and neurological diseases through large-scale genetic association studies. Although I study mainly brain-related diseases, I have a broad interest across all areas of human genetics which you can appreciate from my Twitter posts. I am particularly passionate about genetic studies of diverse populations including my own South-Asian populations.

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